Welcome to Startup Alleghenies

Startup Alleghenies is a free program in central Pennsylvania that helps aspiring entrepreneurs locate the information, tools, and connections to move their idea from vision to market when and where they need help most. 

Coaching is free thanks to the support of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and our partners.

Ready to get started and meet your personal entrepreneur coach?

Meet the Entrepreneur Coaches

Meet your coaches, the ones who will open the front door with a smile, offer a warm beverage, and a place to sit down… for a moment. Then they will get to work with you, exploring and structuring your dreams, at your side as you take every step on your journey.

Startup Alleghenies Resource Network

We offer so many places for you to turn for help. There are many people who want you to succeed. Money, places, and the “how-to-do”. Take-a-look, and be rest assured your coach will help you to access what you need when you need it.

Events In The Region for Entrepreneurs

Education is the most powerful weapon to change your world. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and professionals in a classroom or by networking with others. Participate in everything you can because an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.