Product Sampling in the Digital Age

Product Sampling in the Digital Age – How to Use Influencers to Build Product Awareness and Create Real User Content Across All Channels

In this session, founder and CEO of ApexDrop Marketing, Zak Stahlsmith, will teach you how to use influencers to build product awareness and create real user content across all channels. He will cover what influencer marketing is and why it matters, explain influencer behaviors, and cover various stats and market factors that are important to the Influencer ecosystem. You’ll learn who the Influencers are, in-house vs outsourcing, types of Influencer campaigns and so much more.

List Topics Covered

  • What is Influencer Marketing
  • Why it Matters – influence behaviors, stats, market factors
  • The Influencer Ecosystem – Who are Influencers, tiers, in-house or outsource
  • Types of Influencer Campaigns – product sampling/seeding, contest/giveaway, ambassadors, etc.
  • Goals for Influencer Campaigns –ex: grow followers, reach new audiences, improve post engagement, make more online sales
  • Important Influencer Metrics to Measure – KPIs, what success looks like
  • Budget – pricing models and spend analysis
  • Management – FTC compliance, challenges, juggling influencer relationships, processes, tracking, resources, timing, optimizing, benchmarks, reporting, inhouse or outsource
  • Measurable outcomes v. outputs for influencer campaigns – Key KPI metrics, tangible and intangible, (sentiment, trendiness), use cases, examples, what works, etc.

Benefits of this session

  1. Get the big picture of influence marketing as marketing strategy and how it can work for your business
  2. Know what factors make campaigns work best and why
  3. Learn how to tie your influencer marketing strategies to your business goals
As a result of participating in this webinar, you will be able to:
  • Define measurable goals for implementing and Influencer Marketing strategy
  • Establish baselines for budgeting influencer marketing
  • Avoid pitfalls and challenges of managing influence marketing
  • Achieve successful influence marketing results tied to your business goals


Oct 08 2020


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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