How to Perform Keyword Research (Catalyst Space)

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How to Perform Keyword Research

Keywords are a critical part of Digital Marketing. Keywords make your product, service and content findable, improve visibility and drive traffic. Keywords are also an important component in digital advertising and finding the right audience.

Knowing what words, terms, phrases and topics are the most relevant to your product and your target audience’s intent is essential to success.  In this session we explain the value of keywords and how-to develop a keyword driven marketing strategy. You will learn how to how-to perform keyword research and what research tools are available to make discovery easier.

List of Topics Covered

  1. The value of keywords in your digital marketing strategy
  2. How to perform keyword research
  3. The best tools to use for discovery

Benefits of this session

  • Be findable
  • Improve visibility
  • Drive more traffic to products, services & content

Videoconference Locations

The locations for this videoconference are:  Titusville Redevelopment Authority; Oil Region Alliance, Oil City; Clearly Ahead Development, Clearfield; Bradford Regional Airport; Mifflin County IDC, Lewistown; J.D. Brown Center, York; 814 Worx, Johnstown; Erie Tech Incubator, Erie; Catalyst Space, Altoona; and the Candy Factory, Lancaster.

This session is free but reservations are required and spaces are limited. Sign up at your preferred location today. 


Sep 26 2018


12:00 PM - 01:00 PM




Catalyst Space


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

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814 Worx

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