Alleghenies Ahead Invites You to Create an Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Workplace

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[Appeared in the PA Business Central on May 13, 2019, by Laura Zaks]

Often, people say, “It’s business, not personal.” But what if it can be personal? What if it actually should be?

From 8 a.m.–4 p.m., June 5, 2019, the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona is hosting Alleghenies Ahead: Creating an Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Workplace.

The conference — overflowing with keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, networking, coffee, lunch and more — is for everyone and anyone who wants to garner leadership skills for their existing or emerging business.

It’s not always easy to spearhead marketing campaigns, to go about opening a startup or even empowering employees to welcome the entrepreneurial attitude into their arms, because at the end of the day, personal connections really are key.

Sage and inspiring keynote speakers, Jeff Tobe and Bill Strickland, are excited to share their stories and personal advice for business success.

Tobe, author of Coloring Outside the Lines, has expert experience in handling customers and building their trust, as well as engaging employees to do the same every day.

Bill Strickland, founder and executive chairman of Manchester Bidwell Corporation, is a renowned author who dabbles in visionary education and community advocacy that promote dynamic leadership strategies.

Together, the authors and businessmen call for an environment and consistency in successful strategies — after all, we are what we consistently do.

Success is built on more than just consistency and business smarts; networking and staying aware of industry trends are vital to the growth of your company.

Staying in the loop of what’s out and what’s in— keeping up with the market and its customers— that is crucial for any enterprise.

Learn from REI, EMG Brands and Sourceree experts that will lead panel discussions on understanding latest AI trends and their impact on the workforce and on fostering relationships among multi-generational employees and first-hires.

The panel will be led by moderator, Greg Woodman, CEO of Affinity Connection, who has 35 years of experience in direct marketing, fundraising and publishing and creating content.

The cost of attendance is $20, including coffee and lunch. Registration must be done through the Startup Alleghenies website and can be found under the website’s “Events” tab.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to immerse yourself in a community meant to inspire your personal entrepreneurial growth that will only build upon the strong foundation you worked so hard to have.