Jose Luis Otero, Cambria County’s Entrepreneurial Coach

 In Blair County, Cambria County, entrepreneur

Born in Mexico City and raised in sunny San Diego, California, I had a wonderful childhood. Growing up in a diverse community that offered many opportunities at a young age allowed for me to experience the American dream from early on in life. I’ve lived in a variety of areas, but am glad to now call Johnstown, Pa home.

At a young age, I got my first job delivering newspapers. In high school, I had a supervisory role working for a major retail company. Throughout my college years, I gained experience in a number of jobs from washing dishes, cooking, working construction, and education. Working in various industries allowed for me to find my skills set, which is working with people. Since completing my B.A. in Business Management/ Economics, I’ve worked in the public relations, financial analysis, risk management, and health care sectors, and served as the District Director for a United States Member of Congress.

Midway through my career, I decided to return to school and pursue an MBA in Strategic Leadership. After completing my degree and graduating with honors, I’ve spent my time sharing my knowledge by volunteering in community service initiatives, working with Department of Defense contractors, financial institutions, school districts, law enforcement, non-profits, small and Fortune 500 companies all while mentoring our youth toward a sustainable and virtuous path. I am a firm believer that investing in our community and our children is a great Return on Investment (ROI). The ROI for developing and changing the lives of others in an impactful way is a future generation that is self- sufficient, makes smart decisions, and builds collaborative relationships. This creates a path toward a diverse, healthy and booming economy.

Serving a diverse population to help reach and exceed their business goals is another goal of mine. If you have a start-up company, facing adverse market conditions, financial distress, or looking to expand your existing business, please feel free to reach out to me so we can explore, develop and implement a purposeful/strategic framework that makes financial sense for a prosperous future.