Hello! I’m Daniel Parisi

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Greetings from the Alleghenies!

My name is Daniel J. Parisi and I am a lifelong resident of Somerset County, I am thrilled to join Startup Alleghenies and the Somerset County Economic Development Council.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to now live and work where I grew up—a region overflowing with opportunity, resources, and talent.  I’ve worked in many different industries, for big companies, small companies, for-profit, non-profit, and startups.  I’ve traveled all over the world and met amazing people.  I even worked on a cruise ship in Alaska!  I am curious, ambitious, a bit disruptive, and hopefully—considered a servant leader.  I am addicted to TED Talks and absolutely love to golf, except for the whole putting thing.

For fifteen years, I’ve been making mistakes and trying my best to learn from each and everyone—thankfully, I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve learned that your community—whatever you consider to be your “home”—is much more important than most people realize.  I’ve learned that the basic characteristics that built our great country are even more valuable today, and separate good managers from great leaders.  But—of all the things I’ve learned—the most important, is what it takes to be a good parent.  Being a good parent is without a doubt, the most difficult job I’ve ever held, and also the most rewarding.  I’ve actually considered adding it to my resume!

Our community and the future communities we’re building depend on a lot of things.  I believe that our youth and our ability to encourage and inspire them should be at the top of the list.  As the Entrepreneur & Innovation Coach for Somerset County, it’s my responsibility to assist in the creation of an environment where our children’s ideas and dreams turn into fun projects, and these projects develop innovative solutions to the world’s biggest problems.  Throughout my life, I’ve often reminded myself that some of our most influential and impactful leaders have come from the most unlikely places—today, I never assume I know who or where they are; but rather, that they’re everywhere, surrounding me at all times…because they are.

I am so excited with what the next few years will bring and I hope to sit down with you and talk about ideas and ambitions very soon.  814-445-9655  dparisi@scedc.net